Sunday, July 26, 2015

Goldilocks' Beef Mami

What's the best hot soup during rainy season? One of my favorite is beef mami. Although we can easily make one from a pack noodles by just adding hot water. I'm glad Goldilocks Foodshop has come up with their version of Beef Mami

Goldilocks Beef Mami
Goldilocks Beef Mami

Goldilocks’ Beef Mami is a simple yet delectable dish that can best be described as soup for the Pinoy soul. For only 75 pesos, its timeless combination of tasty egg noodles, vegetables, and meat in a scrumptious beef broth will surely turn even the gloomiest, most overcast day around.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Nestle Wellness Expo 2015: Breakfast Edition

Nestle Wellness Expo 2015
Nestle Wellness Expo 2015
Nestle Wellness Expo is back and this year, it focuses on healthy breakfast meals and why it is the most important meal of the day. Nestlé Wellness Expo started today and will last until July 5, 2015 at SM Megatrade Halls 1-3 in SM Megamall.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Celebrate Father's Day With A Goldilocks Celebration Cake

Today, we celebrate Father's Day. For sure, you're out to treat tatay, papa, daddy to a movie date or lunch or dinner treat. If you’re still wondering how you can make this Father’s Day a special one, Goldilocks, has exactly what you’re looking for to make this Father’s Day an extra special one.

Goldilocks Father's Day Celebration Cake

Goldilocks presents its Father's Day cakes, which are perfect for Dad on his special day. First, the Dark Chocolate Cake (P520) is a decadent black velvet masterpiece covered with smooth chocolate ganache, whipped cream, and a surprise strawberry filling inside – which makes it perfect for the ultimate chocolate-loving dad. The second new offering is the Special Coffee Cake (P450), perfect treat for dads who loves coffee. It has moist mocha chiffon cake covered with pralines and chocolate-buttercream icing, with a design that will surely put a smile on Dad’s face with each bite.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Investing And Understanding Philam Fund

We have learned to invest our hard-earned money either in business, or in stocks. However, not all have the capital or time for attending to the details of running a business, or keeping track of the fluctuations of the stock market since it can be a full-time job in and of itself. It takes a lot of money to start a business or personally invest in a diversified set of stocks, with a mutual fund the latter is made easy. By purchasing shares in a fund, your money is managed and invested by professional fund managers, and you can rest easy knowing that your investments are diversified to help safeguard against dramatic losses should a sector of the market go sour.

In choosing a mutual fund company, both new and veteran investors decide to go with the tried-and-true-owned and managed by large and notable companies, backed by a history of reliability.

Why You Should Visit Bellysima Food Fest.

From the organizers of the popular night food market Mercato Centrale in partnership with Glorietta comes the BELLYSIMA! Food Festival 2015. It's a weekend food fair presented by passionate up-and-coming food entrepreneurs to share their artisanal food creations alongside healthy and organic food products with equally passionate food enthusiasts!

Super Smoothies
From flavored flans to artisan sausages to edible cookie dough to carabao chicharon to twisted gelato flavors to chili-flavored coffee syrups to organic detox juices to chocolate-flavored surprises! And that’s just the tip of the taste buds.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Mondays Are More Sweeter With Goldilocks Desserts

We always look forward to weekends and feel a bit sad when Mondays are coming. Right after a fun weekend, going to the beach, or simply enjoying stress-free family time, Monday shifts you back into reality. This month of June, it’s time to go back to school, and to endure hours of traffic. But we have to power to remain thankful and cheerful. One is by treating ourselves or our loved ones.

Mondays Are More Sweeter With Goldilocks Desserts
Turn Monday blues into a sweet day by treating ourselves and our loved ones to some classic Pinoy desserts from Goldilocks. The classic Leche Flan is now available in a smaller size, making it to go snack, anytime of the day. Enjoy Leche Flan with another Filipino favorite, the velvety and delicate Ube Halaya, another favorite and you have the perfect dessert-duo to beat your Mondays.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

PAAT Inks Deal With AirAsia and CAE Inc.

Philippine Academy for Aviation Training (PAAT) has recently announced an investment into it by Asian Aviation Center for Excellence (AACE), an aviation training centre jointly owned by aviation corporate giants namely CAE Inc. of Canada and AirAsia, the leading and largest low-cost carrier in Asia.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Beat The Heat With Goldilocks Thirst Quenchers

With the summer heat, I wish I could always have iced cold beverages, smoothies, halo-halo and ice cream. Thank goodness, we can have them anytime we want. Have you tried Goldilocks Pinoy Thirst Quenchers? It provide the perfect taste of summer with these specially mixed Filipino classics. Coast through this heat wave with the classic Goldilocks Thirst Quenchers: Halo Halo, Mais con Hielo and Sago’t Gulaman.

My personal favorite is the sweet Sago't Gulaman while hubby loves Halo-Halo. It's so affordable only Php 39.00, the Thirst Quenchers are sure to add a cool edge to your summer memories in only the way Goldilocks can.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Polident: Caring Your False Teeth

I know people who lost self confidence in performing daily activities especially smiling, speaking and socializing due to denture problems. A metro-wide advocacy campaign to promote proper denture care among Filipinos was recently launched by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), in collaboration with the Philippine Prosthodontic Society (PPS). In a recent study revealed that 9 million Filipinos wear dentures, making the Philippines the country with the highest incidence of denture wearers in Asia.

Polident Promotes Proper Denture Care

This was revealed in the study “Oral Care U&A: Market Understanding  Study Middle East & Asia’’ conducted by Ipsos Marketing for GlaxoSmithKline(GSK).
“The qualitative research titled ‘The Emerging Consumer Denture Journey,' conducted by Nick Newall and Rachel Kern for GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) revealed that in the Philippines, majority of denture wearers are between 35-69 years old. Wearers have full, half, or partial dentures,’’ said Isa Marfori, GSK Polident product manager.

Another study, ‘Oral Care U&A Market Understanding Study Middle East & Asia’’ conducted in July 2014, also revealed that sixty one percent of denture wearers are female, while thirty nine percent are male.
“The same study reported that eighty four percent of denture users reside in Metro Manila, with nine percent in Metro Cebu and six percent in Metro Davao. Fifty six percent cited careless oral regime as a reason for wearing dentures, while nineteen percent attributed wearing dentures to loosing teeth in accident, and twelve percent to illness,’’ Marfori added.

The problems being encountered by Filipino denture wearers are mainly caused by complacency in consulting dentists and in engaging in proper denture care, the two studies confirmed. Denture wearers also lack information in the proper way to care for their dentures. That is why it is important to spread awareness and teach them proper care of dentures. Making sure that the dentures are regularly and properly cleaned, and that they snugly fit in the mouth which only professional dentists can do for the patient.

Polident Promotes Proper Denture Care

We're glad that GSK, one of the largest global healthcare companies and is currently one of the key players in the oral care strategy, has come up with Polident, an ally of denture wearers in maintaining and caring for false teeth to give back to denture wearers their self-confidence and allows them to pursue regular activities such as speaking and eating without fear or shame.

Polident is the leading denture care brand in the Philippines. The “Take the Polident Challenge!” PR campaign is part of the brand integration program that will alleviate the perceived complacency of Filipino denture wearers on their dental health. In collaboration with Philippine Prosthodontic Society (PPS), this campaign aims to erase the stigma of social, emotional and physical tortures brought about by improper denture care and will feature GSK’s Polident Denture Adhesive Cream and Polident Denture Cleanser.

There are various Polident products from adhesive cream to denture cleaners.

Polident Denture Adhesive Cream, for instance, helps secure dentures properly. Applying Polident Denture Adhesive Cream on the dentures once a day helps fasten it securely for up to twelve hours.

Polident Denture Cleanser, on the other hand, is formulated to clean dentures, remove stains and kill 99.9 percent of odor-causing particles.

Polident Promotes Proper Denture Care

If you know someone who has emotional, physical and social difficulties brought about by wearing dentures. Perhaps, you may introduce to them to these products. Polident dares denture wearers to live a healthy life free of inhibitions by taking the Polident Challenge. For free samples and delivery nationwide of both Polident Denture Cleanser and Polident Denture Adhesive Cream, call 924-2475.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Miss Earth 2015 at SM Market's Grocery and Cooking Challenge

The candidates of Miss Philippines Earth 2015 shared their culinary skills as they accepted the challenges at SM Market’s Grocery and Cooking Challenge. Not just an ordinary cooking contest though, contestants needed to copy Kusina Master Chef Boy Logro's recipe and complete other tasks.

Miss-Earth-2015-SM Market-Grocery-Cooking Challenge

Before the cooking activities, Miss Earth candidates went scavenger hunt for things they needed in the kitchen. It was an eventful day not just for the beauty queens but also for the SM shoppers who got to mingle with the lovely ladies taking selfies, groufies, and even got the chance to sing with them.