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Understanding PlumCare DNA Testing For Cancer Risk

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Erceflora PROBIBears: Delicious Chewable Supplement

Gut bacteria plays an important role in our digestive system and it needs to be balance in the body. Unfortunately, these bacteria becomes unbalance due to many factors such as poor diet, illness, or taking medication.

Sadly, we cannot prevent from getting sick despite our efforts. It's so easy to get fever, cough, colds, and even tummy aches with diarrhea. So every time I feel my tummy isn't in good condition, I would take Erceflora diluted in tea. Even my niece and nephews use Erceflora when strike with diarrhea.

I'm glad this anti-diarrhea drug is now available in delicious supplement. Erceflora ProbiBears has combined 2-in-1 PROBioBooster of not just Lactobacillus but also Bifidobacterium lactis, a good bacteria that helps prevent intestinal inflammation.

The supplement Erceflora in fun, chewable bears. It also taste like vanilla cookie. It comes in a small packaging that is handy, moms can bring it anytime, anywhere. Erceflora BROBIBears will be available in Mercury D…

Zero Kuto (Head Lice) with Kwell

Did you know that head lice is one of the most common ailment among public school children aged 7-12 years old?

Inspiring Books For Women

Christian publishing house OMF Literature believes in the important role of women, Filipinas in particular, and are highlighted in the new books for spiritual growth for women from women authors.

Delgado Clinic Opens 2nd OBO Workshop

Remember our previous blog about Jesus Delgado Memorial Hospital (JDMH) Optimal Birth Outcome Program? You may want to read about it here. For those who missed the 3-day workshop, Delgado Clinic is inviting expectant mothers for the 2nd OBO Workshop happening this April.

Homeschool Global Holds Family Fun Day

Last year, I sent my nephews and niece to their first BVS or Bible Vacation School. It was one of the best summer vacations they had learning about the scripture in a fun and interactive way. There are activities that are fit for their age.
Homeschool Global (HG), a Christian learning organization focused on providing comprehensive learning services so students can learn better, is committed to providing its students with a holistic education, including opportunities for social interaction. 
One such important event in HGs yearly calendar was its Family Fun Day which, this year, was held last March 24 at the Don Jones Field of the British School Manila in Taguig, with the theme Lets Come Together! 
The family fun day was an extended celebration of the National Homeschool Day and its objective is to draw attention and to highlight the homeschooling community. The event will gather homeschooling families for a whole day of outdoor fun complete with inflatable rides, unique booths, and …

Meet the Queen of Philippine Stevia

Stevia is a natural sweetener and sugar substitute derived from stevia plant. In the Philippines, there are organic farms which grows stevia.