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Details of Eastwood's Easter Wonderland

Remember last week's blog on Eastwood's Easter Wonderland?

Here are some more details:

NAME : Easter Wonderland 2010
TAGLINE :  Are you ready to play?
DATE : April 4, 2010
TIME : Registration starts at 1pm
Parade is at 2:45pm
Easter Wonderland open from 3pm to 8pm


Journey to new worlds and relive happy Easter moments all in one day, in one fun place… Eastwood City!

Special egg painting session with Master Fernando Sena, a costume contest, and special prizes to kids who find 7 hidden Golden Eggs!

Buy a Wonderland passport for P500.00, to get loot bags, one-time access to near 50 booths, activities and rides, and a chance to win prizes at the Easter Wonderland Raffle. Kids in costume will also get a chance to be part of the Easter parade. Seven golden eggs will also be hidden in the different world. Those who will find these eggs will also get prizes.

Advanced passport selling will be on March 19 to 30 at the Eastwood Mall Concierge.

Parts of the proceeds will go to Urban Opportunities for Change Foundation, organizers of Homeless World Cup to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on September 18, 2010.


Journey to creativity at the Art Planet (Main World)
Egg painting session with Fernando Sena, photo booths, face painting, caricature booth, food kiosks, fountain show, My Talent showcase, arts and crafts.

Explore the Science Emporium
Van de graaf, laser harp , ring bubbles, head on a platter, bernuli blower, science statues.

Slide into the Game Warp
Games from Q Power station, Time Zone and rides from Westech International

Visit and play with friends at Animal Ville
Pony ride, mini zoo and pet interaction (chicks, pig, rabbit, goat)

Get a taste of the Food Factory
CCA’s cupcake making sessions, Sandwich Guy’s sandwich preparation techniques, Mrs. Q’s cookie decorating lessons, and Krispy Kreme’s donut making workshop,

Imagination comes to life at Toy Land
Twister, justice league statues, game of life, giant board games, Jenga, Katamino

Jump up and down at the World of Inflatables
Inflatable bouncers and slides


Easter Wonderland Parade and Costume Contest
Supporters of Homeless World Cup, Drum and Bugle Corp, Mascots, Costume Contest Participants, Ponies
2:45 pm, Eastwood City

Pony Rides

Animal Ville
Eastwood Mall Open Park, 3 – 8 pm

Krispy Kreme donut making workshop
Eastwood Mall Atrium

Egg Painting Session with Master Fernando Sena
Art Planet, Eastwood Mall Open Park, 4pm.

Essence Trio and Yulia AcrobaticPerformances
Art Planet, Eastwood Mall Open Park, 6pm.
2:45    PM    -    Easter Parade, Featuring players and supporters of the Homeless World Cup-Philippine Team,  Ceremonial Soccer Ball Kicking to signify “kicking” poverty away, Drum and bugle show, Costume contest participants, Cosplayers, Ponies
3:00        -    Opening of gates, welcome ceremonies
3:45        -     McDonald’s Mascot Performance
4:00        -    Egg Painting session with Mr Fernando Sena at Eastwood Mall
Open Park
5:00        -    My Talent Showcase
5:30        -    Mind Gym Exercises
6:00        -    Essence Trio and Yulia
6:30        -    Awarding of Winners
6:45        -     My Talent Musical
7:15        -    Tiger Energy Biscuits Game
7:30        -    My Talent Showcase

FAQs for the Eastwood City Easter Wonderland 2010

1.    When is the Eastwood City Easter Wonderland?

The Easter Wonderland will be on April 4.Registration starts at 1pm. A parade at 2:45pm pm will open the festivities. Booths and activities will open at 3:00 pm The Wonderland is open until 8pm.
2.    Who can join?
The event is ideally made for kids aged 15 below. To join, they have to buy a Wonderland passport worth P500.00
3.    Where can they buy the passports?
There will be an advance passport selling. Interested parties can buy passports on the registration desk on the day of the event. The registration desk is located at the Art Planet, which is at Eastwood Mall Open Park. But early registrations are welcome at the Eastwood Mall Concierge starting March 19 until March 31. They can be reached at 709-0888 or 709-9888.
4.    What can be seen at the Easter Wonderland?
Seven Worlds of Play and Imagination will be spread out in the entire Eastwood City commercial development, each one with a unique and interesting theme which kids can choose from.

Eastwood Mall Open Park will be home to two main attractions: the Art Planet and the Animal Ville which will feature egg painting sessions with Master Fernando Sena, pony rides, and a petting zoo. The Food Factory, meanwhile, will be at the Eastwood Mall Atrium, where CCA, Pizza Hut, Mrs. Q Cupcakes, Sandwich Guy, and Krispy Kreme, will each be giving food preparation and cooking techniques and free food samplers.

Right across would be the Eastwood Central Plaza which will house three worlds: the World of Inflatables, the Game Warp, and Science Emporium, featuring free games from Q Power Station and Timezone, and fun interactive exhibits. Imagination comes to life at Toy Land, located at Eastwood City Walk 2, highlighting giant board games, popular characters, and toy giveaways. Jeepney Magazine vendors will also be spread out all over Eastwood City to encourage support for their project.

5.    What are the highlights?
• An Easter parade starting from the Art Planet will start the fair at 2:45 pm. The parade will be participated by a drum and bugle corps., costume contest participants, mascots, My Talent dancers, cosplayers, bikers from Flipbykes, and the players and advocates of the Homeless World Cup Philippine Team, who will lead a ceremonial soccer kicking to signify their quest to kick off poverty.
• Egg painting with Fernando Sena at 4pm
• Kids are encouraged to come in costume to join the costume contest and win exciting
• Kids will also get a chance to win Nintendo DS Lites, Sony PSPs, and Ipod Shuffles from the Easter Wonderland raffle and special prizes at the Easter Wonderland Golden Eggs Hunt.

6.    What is inclusive of the P500.00 worth of passport?
• Passport holders are entitled to one time access to booths and activities, loot bags, and food sampling inside the Wonderland. Each passport also entitles two free entrances for adult companions. In excess, customer must pay P50 per head. The passport also serves as entry to the Easter Wonderland raffle. But only kids 15 below are entitled to win the raffle, because that was approved by DTI.
• Part of the proceeds will go to the Homeless World Cup Philippine Team.
• Food samplers from food factory

7.    What are the prizes for the raffle?
Prizes for the raffle are 3 Nintendo DS Lite, 3 Sony PSPs, 3 iPod shuffle.

8.    Where will pre – registered people go?
Special delegated registration desks are set for pre registered individuals. They can be found in front of the Eastwood Mall Entrance at the Eastwood Mall Open Park to the side of Momo.

9.    Do you really have 50 booths?
50 booths and activities which will include all the games, freebies, inside the

10.    What time will the gates open?
Registration starts at 1pm. A parade will begin at 2:45pm, booths and activities will start at 3:00pm

11.    Will there be seats at the event area?
Only kids and one adult companion are allowed to sit at the area during the egg painting session.

12.    What is happening on the main stage? Is there a schedule or program?
2:45 pm – parade
After Parade – welcome remarks and games courtesy of business world
3:45pm – Mcdonalds mascot performance
4:00 pm – egg painting session with Master Fernando Sena
5:00 pm – My Talent Opening Number
5:30 pm – Mind Gym Exercises
6:00 pm –  Essence Trio and Yulia
6:30 pm – Awarding of costume contest, cosplay contest and golden egg winners
6:45 pm – My Talent Musical
7:15 pm – Tiger Energy Biscuits Game
7:30 pm – My Talent Showcase
8:00 pm - Fountain Show
Programme can be found at the passport as well.

13.    Are there dining reservations in restaurants?
Some restaurants accept reservations. You may proceed to the restaurants to get seats.

14.    Where are the nearest comfort rooms?
› Inside Eastwood Mall:
Ground floor, left side beside Calvin Klein
2nd level, beside Maldita
    3rd level, beside CCA Cravings
4th level, beside Samsung
› Eastwood Mall Veranda
Ground floor, beside Mr. Kurosawa
2nd level, beside Crisostomo
› Restaurants
    Old Vine
Wagyu Stone Grill

15.    Is there a clinic here?
We have a nurse on stand by in case of emergencies.

16.    Where is the media area? Who shall we look for?
For media related concerns, please look for Tinay Magtira (0917-6261585)or Karen Sta. Maria (0908-8840950)

17.    What’s inside the loot bag?

Magazine from Summit Media and goodies from URC.

18.    What activities are found inside each world?
Science Emporium located at the Central Plaza
    Exhibit from Phil. Science Centrum
    Van de graaf
    laser harp
    ring bubbles
    head on platter
    bernuli blower
    other cool science statues.

Game Warp located at Central Plaza
    games from Q Power Station
    Timezone
    Westech Amusement Rides

Animal Ville located at Open Park
    pony ride
    mini zoo/pet interaction with chickens, ducks, fishes, goat, pig, chicks and rabbit
    animals from DENR Parks and Wildlife
Food Factory at the Eastwood Mall Atrium
    CCA’s cupcake making sessions
    Sandwich Guy’s sandwich preparation techniques
    Mrs. Q’s Cooking Cookies making lessons decorating lessons
    Krispy Kreme’s doughnut making workshop.

Toy Land located at City Walk 2
    Twister
    Justice League statues
    game of life
    giant board games
    Jenga
    Katamino.
    At 3:30, there will be a cosplay contest

World of Inflatables at the Central Plaza

Art Planet located at the Open Park
    photo booths
    face painting
    caricature booth
    food kiosks
    other arts and crafts activities

19.    Who organized this event?
This event was organized by the Eastwood management, in cooperation with all its sponsors. This is the year that the Easter Wonderland will be held.
20.    How shall we identify the marshals?
Marshals will be wearing special IDs.
21.    Who do we talk to? We have a complain against….
For complains, please look for a marshal in the specific world you have a complain against or you may approach the registration nearest you. Please make sure to get the name or specific activity you are complaining against.
22.    We want to go on an extra pony ride or have our photos taken again at the booth. Where do we buy the tickets?   
      Tickets can be purchased from our ticket booth at the Art Planet (Eastwood Mall Open Park)
23.    There is such a long line at the registration!
Mam/Sir, aside from the Art Planet registration, there are other registration areas at the Central Plaza (in front of Il Pirata/Jack’s Loft) and at City Walk 2 (near Shanghai Bistro).
24.    Who will get the eggs?
Those who will participate in the egg painting session will be prioritized for the giant eggs.
25. Where is the drop box for the raffle promo?
Drop box is located at the Eastwood Mall Arcade near the main registration area.

So after observing the Holy Week perhaps with meditaation and Visita Iglesia for our Catholic brethrens, rejoice with the family at Easter Wonderland!


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