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Electrolux Features Front Load Washers

With focus on time-saving features, Electrolux Front Load Washers are designed for busy moms and families of different sizes to wash clothes using washing machines in less time.

Time Manager & Jetspray Function

Electrolux’ Front Load Washers EWF 10741 and EWF 1282 both have the Time Manager Function. It lets you choose how long your laundry should take. Moreover, they have the special wash programs to clean different fabric times. But I would like to highlight the Jetspray feature. This function showers water and detergent at a constant rate through your clothes and directly onto dirt. I think this is really innovative, ingenious, and practical.

The Electrolux’ Front Load Washers EWF 10741 has dimensional height of 850 mm and width 600 mm; and time delays of 3, 6, 9, 12, 20 hours.

Why Choose Electrolux front load washing machine (EWF 10741):
  • gentler on your fabrics
  • use less water and electricity than conventional top load washing machines (savings)
  • lower utility bills
  • easier household chores planning with Delay Start
  • sturdy designed
Electrolux Front Loader Washing Machines EWF10741
EWF 1282, EWF 85561, and EWF 85761

On the other hand, The EWF 1282 also has a larger drum to help reduce the number of wash-loads and accommodate larger items like comforters.  The EWF 85561 (6.5 kg) and EWF 85761 (7 kg) both have the Super Quick Wash function that reduces washing time by almost half.

The wider drum serves better circulation and cleaning. It also works quietly with the Coin Trap feature which takes out the noise coming from coins and other objects left in clothes during the wash. Active Balance Control meanwhile distributes the load evenly in the washing machine to lessen vibration.

See more details about Electrolux Philippines' Front Load Washers at You may also call Electrolux’s customer care trunk line at 845-CARE (2273) or domestic toll-free  number  1-800-10-845-CARE  (2273).



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