School Days Ahead with Hawk Bags

The month of June is here and the school bells are ringing! Foremost important to mothers in preparing their young kids to school is a durable and dependable school bag like Hawk Bags.

As early as a month ago, I already got one for my niece and 'inaanak' (godchild) from the Hawk Bag concept store and boutique in Market! Market! branch in Taguig.
Hawk Flagship Store
Hawk Flagship Store 

Hawk Backpack Brand

I was surprised myself to find an independent Hawk Bag branch. I have to admit that the brand has already made a recall since my childhood years. But I was used to seeing the Hawk bag items inside the department store of SM (SM Department Store).
Hawk Stroller-type School Bags
Hawk Stroller-type School Bags

I'm not too sure if this is a Hawk Bag flagship store / branch, but I guess this signals good times for the Hawk brand as it matures in the bags and backpack market.

The second surprise was finding a stroller-type of Hawk school bag. I'm used to Hawk Bags as a backpack. So I had a lot of question to the sales lady with regards to their type stroller-type bags. Moreover, I  don't have a child of my own yet so I'm not used to buying these bags for children. :)

Since most of the photos are in pink-black colors, which are obviously for girls, there were also stroller-types for boys.

Hawk School Bags for Boys
Hawk School Bags for Boys

Nonetheless, it was not so hard to choose from the Hawk bags for kids, they all looked sturdy and durable.

Hawk School Bags

The one I liked most is the 6-wheel stroller bag which was so light and easy to carry because of the easy-moving 6 wheels, 4 of which can turn 360 degrees. It's called "Spinner-trolley" of the 'Baby Bear' series and can move sidewards, back and forth. The other 2 wheels are made for going up and down on stairways of high-rise school buildings.
Check my photos here of the 6-wheel stroller bag:

Hawk Spinner-Trolley School Bags
Hawk Spinner-Trolley School Bags

It was awesome, and somehow I reminisced of my elementary days and how much convenient it would have been if we had such school bags during those days. :)

I would have gotten this but my niece is only in kindergarten so I thought it would be too big for her. It's also priced at almost Php 3,800 (although the price matches the bag's beneficial features).

I ended up with the same 'Baby Bear' series but smaller and with 4-wheels. It's not as light-and-easy as the 6-wheeler, but I know her parents would not be overwhelmed with the size for my niece' use.

It had front, back and side pockets for school materials, a front-lever stand-support, spacious interiors with stell rivets, a free drinking bottle, and an attached rain cover.

Hawk Bags Price
Hawk Bags Price
Priced at Php 2,700++ I think I had a good deal.

As a tip, if I am not mistaken, it would be cheaper to buy the Hawk bags from this Hawk flagship store in Market! Market!. This is because I saw the same set and brand of bags in a well-known department store 2 days after and the price was Php 2,999.00!

That's almost Php 300 difference. :)

Hawk Bags Flagship Store Market Market
Hawk Bags Flagship Store in Market! Market!, Taguig City

School days are indeed just around the corner. And I'm glad I'm done with my own school shopping with Hawk backpacks and Hawk school bags. Check out more designs and stock at


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  2. I llove the those stroller bags. Can anyone let me know how I would be able to get them? I'm currently in the United States and want to get themfor my children and god-children. If you find address or website please send to


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