Kraft Tiger Energy Held Tiger Energames!

Kid sports around the world nowadays include the virtual playing field. This is recognized by Kraft Tiger Energy as they organized the Tiger Energames which was concluded recently.

With the 2010's Youth Olympics in Singapore launching its online platform for sports competitions such as archery and swimming called the Odyssey, the sports world is tapping into the virtual realm.

Students and Parents from Different Schools

Similarly, kids from different schools participated and battled it out in the Tiger EnerGames finals held at the SMX Convention Center a few weeks ago.

Emerging from various cities all over Manila, the best of 10,240 kids are all set to compete in Nintendo Wii sports contests such as basketball, tennis, boxing, cycling, and fencing. From morning until the afternoon, the 30 schools vied for the top spots for the Cubs and Tigers divisions – yet in the end, only the cream of the crop come out victorious.
Teacher Oscar, Teacher Maecee and Tigo hype up the crowd as they await for the EnerGame festivities to begin during the eliminations

With more and more children being drawn into virtual gaming, the Tiger EnerGames has made physical activity relevant again to kids.

One cannot deny the numerous benefits athletic activities have among children...Apart from the physical aspect, it also encourages the values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and excellence among our young,” notes Frenissa Lagman, Assistant Brand Manager for Tiger.

Final Round - Cubs Division

In the past, kids used to engage in street games – running, jumping, playing ball. But with the advent of digital games, today’s young are too distracted to even bother playing outside anymore,” shares Lagman. 
Tiger is a great-tasting biscuit containing Enermaxx – a combination of essential vitamins and minerals that helps give kids the extra energy they need, the competition highlighted the importance of finding ways to combine fun and movement together.

Tigo rallies up the participants as they can’t wait for the virtual games to begin

With Tiger EnerGames, we hope to lead children back into the world of fitness and activity, while developing social ties with their peers.”

More Tiger Energames Photos here (to be updated).

All the kids obviously  had great fun at the Tiger EnerGames. With Drew Arellano hosting the event, I never knew such activities could be very fun and beneficial to children when organized properly such as this one held by Kraft Tiger.


  1. wow nice, my kid joined the eliminations round, their team did not make it but their school was the winner and joined the games in MOA...

  2. Nice to hear that Laarni. Your kids seemed to have enjoyed the Kraft Tiger Tiger Energames. :)


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