Scrapbooking Event: Scrap 'N Tell

I'd just like to share with our moms an invitation I got recently for a Scrapbooking event entitled 'Scrap 'N Tell'.

Even if the event has yet to happen, I think it will be a cute one specially for scrapbooking enthusiasts and mommies who have some time to spare for creativity with their hands. Just look at the e-invite on top; there's an offline version of that and it looks even more amazing in actual. :)

They say that  scrapbooking "makes memories last a long, long time." Rest assured, I will share with you my experiences with regards to this scrapbooking activity very soon.
Scrapbooking Philippines
In the mean while, check more about our Scrapbooking invitee in the Facebook page 'All About Scrapbooking.'