What one Smart Mommy can do with her Smart Rewards Points?

As mothers we make use of every available resource we have to maximize our budget and buying potential. Currently, there is one brilliant way we can make use of that potential with our Smart subscriptions - the SMART Rewards Program.

With the SMART Rewards Program, we can use our Smart Rewards points for family bonding experiences or just some mommy-and-child fun day together.

Before we go to the exciting details of what can mothers, like you and I, can do with our Smart Rewards Points, I would like to give a brief introduction on what is SMART Rewards?

SMART Rewards Program entitles Smart users to earn Smart Rewards points. These Smart Rewards Points can be earned every time you load and re-load for SMART prepaid subscribers; make IDD calls using SMART, or from your SMART bill charges (for Smart post-paid subscribers). You also earn SMART Rewards Points for your VAS downloads.

It’s a fantastic way for mothers like us to maximize the money we spend from our phone bills and make those guilt-free IDD calls to our loved ones abroad. A table of how points are earned can be seen below.
Earning Points
I’m sure mothers, like you and me, are excited to take advantage of this program. But how do we get into the Smart Rewards Program? It’s as easy as 123 and just a text away. To register to the Smart Rewards Program, just text REWARDS to 9800. Registering for the Smart Rewards Program is free.

Upon sending your Smart Rewards text, please expect a Smart Confirmation message of your current points and the rewards you can get from SMART. For the list of items you can get from Smart Rewards Program, check out the tables below.

Smart Buddy Reward

I have enough SMART Rewards Points good for 2 SM Cinema movie pass, 1 regular butter-flavored popcorn and 1 large drink. I took this opportunity to have a family date with my child and my sibling. We had an early break one day and the three of us went to SM Bicutan to enjoy the movie, Smurfs. Because there are three of us and I only have two movie tickets, I only had to pay for one. Isn’t that amazing savings for us mommies?

Smart Rewards BCode
Not only that, we even had popcorn to share. All I needed to do is to buy 2 more extra drinks for the adults. That made the movie experience really amazing for a mommy like me because I feel great value for my money. It’s a piso worth spent for all my Smart loads. It also motivates me to to watch out for those points before they expire.

Smart Rewards SM Cinema Soda and Popcorn
Well yes, it’s sad but true that some good things do not last forever but there are ways to keep your SMART Rewards Points longer. If you have registered successfully to the SMART Rewards Program just like what I mentioned in the first part of this post (If you missed it feel free to re-read this post as long and as many times as you like), your SMART Rewards points will stay valid for 12 months from the time you earned them. That means the points you earned in January will still be valid till the last day of December. Come January, the points you earned from February till January of the next year will be the only ones still valid. Points expire every first day of the month.

Smart Rewards Machine
How about if you are not registered to the SMART Rewards Program? Does that mean you’re not earning any points? Do not fret. You are still earning SMART Rewards points. The only difference is that the SMART Rewards Points will only be valid for 6 months instead of one year. So it’s a win-win to register to the SMART Rewards program especially that its just one text away to enjoy your Smart Rewards points.

Also, the only way to redeem your Smart Rewards points is to be registered in the SMART Rewards Program.

And if you’re like me who maximizes everything, you will be really excited on my last piece of advice to earn more SMART Rewards Points.

You can get bonus points in two (not just one) ways! 


A registered SMART Rewards subscriber can get 5,000 rewards points on your birthday. Just text REWARDS BDAY (bday in mmddyy) Gender (M/F) marital status (S/M) and send to 9800 for free

An example from the SMART Rewards website: REWARDS BDAY 013183,F,S


For postpaid subscribers, you can earn Smart bonus points and get to help the environment by enrolling your bills to paperless billing. Enroll your account to SMART’s paperless billing and you get 500 points every month for as long as you are enrolled in the e-Statement.

Isn’t that very purposeful for us multi-tasking mothers?

So are you ready? Text “Rewards” to 9800 now (and remember, it’s free!)

Smart Rewards Movie Experience
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I'd like to hear about your own SMART Rewards Program experience as well. Feel free to comment below! For more details, check out http://rewards.smart.net.ph/.


  1. You really used the rewards in an unforgettable high-value experiences as a mom.

  2. Thanks Joel for your comment. I really enjoyed the savings I received from my Smart Rewards.


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