"Bonakid Pre-School Ready Set Laban"

You might have seen the newest kiddie game show on GMA-7 in partnership with Wyeth Nutrition entitled "Bonakid Pre-School Ready Set Laban". This fun-filled game show for kids test their strength, energy and determination. Featuring Bonakid Pre-School, a powdered milk drink specially formulated to help support the nutritional needs of children 4 years and older.  

Bonakid Pre-School’s formulation has been enhanced to help provide children with a triple boost advantage in energy, growth and immunity. It has increased levels of protein for growth, more iron for energy and high levels of Vitamins A, C, E and Zinc for immunity. 

I got to visit the behind the scene of "Bonakid Pre-School Ready Set Laban"just before its launch. It's an action-packed kiddie game show hosted by singer-songwriter and celebrity dad Ogie AlcasidThe game show comprised of various challenges set in an exciting custom-built obstacle course with 2 teams consisting of mom and kid tandems that will compete in a qualifying game which will be randomly selected. The team that wins the qualifying game will get to advance to the main challenge which is the Triple Boost Maze - a growth, energy and immunity challenge rolled in one thrilling game!

“This is in line with Bonakid Pre-School’s commitment to help moms empower their kids so that they will have the strength and confidence to conquer any challenge.” says Aubrey Iñigo, Senior Product Manager for Wyeth Nutrition. 

Aside from the 1 million pesos in cash prizes up for grabs, the kiddie game show also teaches and encourages the kids by going through the challenges and develop their emotional and mental abilities. Bonakid Pre-School’s Ready Set Laban will definitely be as exciting as it will be challenging. Catch "Bonakid Pre-School Ready Set Laban" every Saturday morning before Eat Bulaga.