Bear Brand Helps Fight Iron Deficiency Anemia

Bear Brand Helps Fight Iron Deficiency AnemiaJune, the start of school year, my daughter Bianca is in Grade II while my son, Euki enrolled for Kindergarten. They both have morning classes. My daughter needs to wake up as early as 5 in the morning to prepare going to school. Sometimes, she had difficulty eating her breakfast because she is still sleepy. So I just make sure at least she has a glass of milk before going to school.

Did you know that the 2008 National Nutrition Survey conducted by Food and Nutrition Research Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (FNRI-DOST) reveals that millions of school children could possibly have Micronutrient Deficiency, which is a kind of malnutrition? Four out of five students suffer from lack of Iron and seven out of ten lack Vitamin C from their daily diet, while one of out five is deficient of Zinc.

Iron deficiency causes anemia in children over time, affecting body and brain functions that require iron-carrying red blood cells. Lack of Zinc, meanwhile, causes stunted growth and lowers immune system, making kids sickly and prone to infections. Vitamin C cannot be produced by the body and must definitely be obtained through diet; otherwise kids also suffer from weak immune system, weak bone and muscle structure, and slow wound healing.

NestlĂ© Philippines in its fight against Micronutrient Deficiency continues to partner with the FNRI-DOST to encourage students and their parents to eat and drink healthy foods and fortified beverages.

Bear Brand Helps Fight Iron Deficiency Anemia

Nestle will continue to work with the government to address this serious problem by providing and promoting options for a healthier diet especially for children. Food fortification with key micronutrients is in the core of our product innovation strategy. Nestle is in the business of nutrition, health, wellness, and also in the business of nation building.  Nestle gives the best by providing Filipino families with high quality, affordable, nutritious and delicious food and beverages.

Bear Brand Helps Fight Iron Deficiency AnemiaAs a mom, I make sure to give my kids nutritious food. I always include vegetables and fruits in my daily menu. I'm a lucky mom because my kids really eat vegetables. And I give them a glass of Bear Brand Powdered Milk Drink or Bear Brand Choco-Flavored Drink everyday. They are packed with essential nutrients like Iron which is necessary with the production of red blood cell, Zinc which is important in growth,immunity and resistance and Vitamin C which promotes immunity and resistance.

Providing them nutritious food and drinking healthy and delicious milk drink will ensure that my kids will never be micro-nutrient deficient.

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