Awesome Mother's Day Surprise from Nido Fortified

If you're a long-time Mommy Manila reader then you would have followed our series about the "Wear Your Love" campaign by Nido Fortified.
Mother's Day #1MOM
Mother's Day #1MOM

Wear Your Love
Wear Your Love Campaign
Last week, a few days before Mother's Day, Nido Fortified set up an advance surprise gathering for some lucky moms including my mother-in-law!

To make it special for her, I connived with my 9-year old brother-in-law who is game to surprise her mom. :)

It all started in the morning of May 3, a Saturday. We met with the local media agency of Nido Fortified who picked up my Mother-in-law while we stayed at Krispy Kreme in Gateway Mall in Araneta, Cubao.

Or so she thought.

#1MOM Preparation

Bianca & Euki for Mom Tina
Bianca & Euki for Mom Tina
In reality, while she was having her spa treat at BLue Water Day Spa in Greenhills, we were already having lunch at Uncle Cheffy, also in Greenhills.

Together with other daddys, relatives, and kids, me and my kid brother-in-law saw first hand the preparation for the Mother's Day surprise happening in an hour or so.

We initially saw the customized #1MOM shirts in display. There were about 20 of them, for the 20 special mothers.

Moreover, the kids were briefed on what they want to say to their moms when they arrive. They also have the option to read the message for their moms imprinted on the yellow shirts.

Minutes to the #1MOM Surprise

It was already past lunch time and the moms were still no where to be seen. It turned out that they had some light snacks at Blue Water Day Spa as well. Some of the kids were already starting to get restless but all is good as long as it is for their moms. :)

Finally, the moment came.

The moms started to come in one by one, assisted by the Nido Fortified team, in yellow blindfolds.
Moms Arrive at Uncle Cheffy in Greenhills
Moms Arrive at Uncle Cheffy in Greenhills
#1MOM Mommy Annabelle Arrives in Yellow blindfold
The kids were in front of the #1MOM customized shirts while the dads were prepared with their cameras, video cameras, and smartphones, to record the important event for the greatest women in their lives.

Nido Fortified #1MOM Mother's Day Surprise
Nido Fortified #1MOM Mother's Day Surprise

Here is a video of the Nido Fortified #1MOM Mother's Day Surprise Video:

#1MOM by Nido Fortified
#1MOM by Nido Fortified

Needless to say, it was an emotional reunion for the mommys, to see their children, with a yellow rose at hand, present them with a surprise, a customized shirt with a message, and the gathering as a whole.

Some moms were teary eyed, some showed a wide grin and smile, and some shed a tear of joy. However they reacted, I know they were happy at that exact moment, not because of the gallantry of the event, but beacuse of the presence of their child and their loved ones.

An elated feeling truly deserving for the toughest job in the world - being a MOM! A number 1 MOM at that! Thank you Nido Fortified! #1MOM


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