Cartoon Network's Adventure Time Night O-Sphere

It's adventure time! Bianca and I recently attended Cartoon Networks “Adventure Time..Night-O-Sphere”, a glow-in-the-dark sing along party for the spookiest time of the year. Bianca decided to dress up like Tinkerbell. She loves trick or treat during Halloween.

Every kids were enjoying the games and activities in this event. Her favorite game was at the Candy Kingdom where she needed to toss the rings towards the rows of posts. Each post represents a point and she will win a prize. At the Fire Kingdom, Bianca had fun as her concentration tested in this activity to make it to the finish line without a buzz.

Also, Bianca was delighted to see Ronald McDonalds in the event. Two lucky kids won the scariest costume award and received an award from toy kingdom. Likewise the best Cartoon network costumes.

Everyone just enjoyed seeing and dancing with Finn and Jake. Bianca went home with Cartoon Network collectibles.

Thanks Cartoon Network! How about you, where did you bring the kids for Halloween party?

Article by Ma. Cristina Quines of