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Everything I Need to Learn This Summer, I Learned from Jollibee

Brothers Tyler and Tyreke Ang had a fun idea last summer: both signed up as kiddie managers at their favorite jolly place, Jollibee.

“I love going to Jollibee because every visit brings happy memories. So my brother and I wanted to experience what it was like working there. And we did last summer,” said 8-year-old Tyler.

Tyler was talking about the Jollibee Mini Managers Camp, where members of the Jolly Kiddie Club (JKC) enjoyed a week of fun activities involving art, storytelling, kitchen work and of course, being little managers of the store complete with their manager’s uniform. The kids manned the 300 participating Jollibee branches nationwide.

Starting fresh on their roles, the energetic brothers got to know their way around the store during the first day. Hearing the humble beginnings of Jollibee and how a certain Mister Tony turned it to become the country’s iconic fast food chain gave a jolt of inspiration to the young managers to do well in their new role.

“I loved greeting everyone ‘Jolly morning! Welcome to Jollibee!’” said 4-year-old Tyreke, who also got awarded as “Most Bubbly” in his group.

Tyler said he enjoyed learning kitchen tricks like how to make his favorite yummy burger, including a proper way to wrap burgers.

Of course, nobody went home without learning impressive dance moves from their favorite mascot, Jollibee. Both kids discovered their love for dancing, thanks to their beloved bee.

From the kitchen work to greeting people and showing off groovy dance skills at fun parties, the kiddie managers saw everyone in the team giving their best so kids and families are assured of a jolly dining experience.

“My mom told me being a manager is more than a title. It means taking care of people and appreciating everyone for doing a good job,” said Tyler.

From his own experience, Tyler said a manager is humble, a good listener and also helps create a spirit of fun in the jolly workplace.

“I learned from the camp that a manager’s job means taking care of the team and the customers, showing respect to everyone and being friendly. I think it also pays to be thankful to people for doing their best in their jobs,” said Tyler.

Summer sure is over but the kiddie managers said they would both practice the lessons they learned at the Jollibee camp and apply it in school and at home.

“Spending summer at Jollibee was more than fun. It inspired us to be better,” said Tyler. If your kids are not JKC members yet, just visit a Jollibee store to register.


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