Baby Yoga For Your Baby's Developement

I first tried yoga, specifically Hatha Yoga, back in 2005 as a class in a local gym in Ortigas. I liked it and still do so from time to time.

During that time, I never imagined that yoga exercises can be applicable for kids too, much less for infants. :) And so I was initially surprised upon hearing about the Pampers Yoga Stretchycise developed by Pampers, Gymboree, and the Mother and Child Nurses Association of the Philippines (MCNAP).

Pampers Yoga Stretchycise is characterised by a routine similar to play that combines yoga moves with stretching which they say will help encourage the development of baby's mind and body. Sound like the same yoga I took. :)

Now seriously considering the thought, it is common sense that those stretching and guided movement would indeed help in the baby's muscle and motor movements. Mommies should of course do it with care and proper guidance as baby's bones are still delicate.

I also learned that it is in the first two years of a child where the brain grows fastest. Particularly before a child can speak, movement is the way for them to explore and learn about their surroundings. It is at this stage as well where they develop new skills.

Mom bloggers Jen & Iris with daughter

MCNAP president Estelita Galutira herself said:
The Active Baby Stage is really a period for developmental achievement and intellectual growth. It’s a time of intense exploration of the environment as children attempt to find out how things work.”

Furthermore, the baby's neural development, digestion, and deep sleep could also be enhanced.

In conjunction with the said Pampers Yoga Stretchycise (baby yoga) activity, Pampers introduced their new product - Pampers Active Baby diaper which is said to help encourage the baby's free movement with its elastic sides (stretchy side tapes) that follows a baby’s body shape, allowing a more comfortable fit - moms, take heed! I have yet to see one beyond the attached image though :)