Mommy Manila

Mommy Manila is born! A blog for moms, from a non-mom! I felt that it was also a good day to start this new blog being a palindrome day - January 11, 2010 (01-11-10).

We hope to bring moms a lot of information and assistance through the knowledge and features we would be sharing in this blog for moms, mommies, 'nanay', mama, and mothers (and all other variants of endearment).

You could also share your experiences as a mom in this blog by sending an email to admin at NomNomClub dot com. We would be glad to feature your stories and photos in this blog. Just remember that it is your own stories and photos, otherwise, you should at least have authority or permission to use them for us to avoid copyright issues. :)

Cheers and welcome to all mothers and even expectant mothers! This is Mommy Manila!