Electrolux Launches New Refrigerators and Airconditioners

Through the years, Electrolux has focused on making the household a comfortable place for the family.

Mommy alert! With the newly launched line of Electrolux refrigerators and airconditioners, things are getting better ensuring that food stay fresh and life at home remain enjoyable.

Electrolux Refrigerators

The new Electrolux refrigerators come with adjustable humidity control and contain an Active Deo Fresh system, with a Nano Copper Deodorizer which serves to attract stray odors and absorb them. It also features the Odor Control Bins that prevent the strong smells of one food from mixing with one another.

Moreover, a Multi-Air Flow Cooling System allows constant air circulation in the refrigerator and freezer to maintaining a consistent temperature.
...we’ve come up with many innovations for refrigerators to give our consumers the best ways to store and preserve food, and today, we’ve come up with products designed to give Filipino families what they love – delicious meals through market fresh ingredients straight out of their refrigerator.” said Malu Estaris, General Manager of Electrolux Philippines.

Aside from adjustable shelves and bins, it also comes with an innovative door alarm to ensure that doors are never accidentally left open to prevent the coolness from escaping. It even comes with bag clips that can be hanged on the door so grocery bags can be hung straight from the market!
Certain models come with a Holiday Mode setting that reduces energy consumption, perfect for families who want to go on a holiday during summer.

Electrolux Airconditioners

Electrolux has designed new environment-frienldy split-type air Conditioner. It's one of the most energy efficient in the market today.

It also introduces the unique 'Follow Me' Technology which allows you to set the exact temperature and have the cool air follow you around the room - intelligent isn't it!
The Air Filtration Integrated System features a number of air purification technologies including the Bio HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter which removes over 95% of bacteria and 99% of dust particles.

Furthermore, the Active Plasma Filtration system minimizes the incidence of allergies, asthma and common cold by guarding against 99% of airborne allergens, 95% of harmful bacteria and 85% of viruses. The Gold Fin Protection prevents the condenser and evaporator from the onset of rust and growth of dangerous bacteria. This should be called the "Healthy Aircon." :)
Learn more about these products from Electrolux by visiting an Electrolux appliance retailer or call Electrolux’s customer care trunk line at 845-CARE (2273), its domestic toll-free number 1-800-10-845-CARE (2273). Check out www.electrolux.com.ph.