"Perfume or Fabcon?" Downy Passion Challenge

I was caught by surprise the other day when a package arrived at home. It was a package with two mystery towels and some candles.

It said: "Perfume or Fabcon?" it turned out to be a Downy Passion Challenge where I was asked "How sensitive is my nose?" And if I can telll the difference between perfume and the new Passion by Downy.

First, I am to identify which among the two towels has been sprinkled with perfume and which one is washed with the new Passion by Downy.
Which Towel used Downy Passion
Second, I should post my answer in this mom blog.

And my answer is Towel 1!

I do wash most of my favorite clothes and I do use Downy. Although I haven't used the new Downy Passion, my familiarity with the good smell of Downy readily gives it away.
Towel 1 used Passion by Downy! ...I think. :)

I hope I got it right. :)

Challenge 2

There is another challenge which asks which added perfume note do we think was used in Passion by Downy.

It said:
"Aside from Jasmine, Ylang-ylang, and soft musk, Passion by Downy also contains..."
a. Cinnamon
b. Rose
c. Lavander
My answer is Lavander! :) .

The Prize

We'll be meeting with them tomorrow and if I get both challenges right, I get one year's supply of Downy Passion and attraction. Or a complimentary Downy gift pack otherwise. :)

I think I have a high chance. what do you think?

Share your guess below in the comment section and I will share my prize to a lucky reader in case I win the one year supply! :)

Example Answer:
"the Passion by Downy is applied in Towel 1 and the added ingredient is C.Lavender."
"Passion by Downy is Towel 2 and the added ingredient is B.Rose."
I don't know the answer yet for sure either. You may guess the same as I did or have a different answer combination. Contest is for Metro Manila based mommies only. One-comment-answer-one-mom policy.

Hurry, you have until September 1, 2010 to participate in MommyManila's Downy Passion Challenge!


  1. If I win, I will give a part/some of the prize/s to one winner who will be identified by electronic raffle.

    This is somehow a trick question actually,....so better think well of your answer. :)

  2. Awts, I didn't win guys. Contest prematurely terminated. :(

  3. Yah you should pick the towel 2 it is more fluffy than the other one


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