Samsung Washing Machine Promo

Samsung Front Load Washing Machine
It's a Sunday and it means wash day. :) And during this time of the year - rainy season - a washing machine  comes in handy; specially for moms. Something I could totally relate to (haha).

And in that light, it's good to know that Samsung has this promo from August 1 to September 30, 2010.
Buy select Samsung front load washing machines and customers also get to take home a free microwave oven (AMW73F-W/XTC) worth P3,295 with their purchase.

Samsung Microwave Oven
This offer applies to those who choose to buy any of the four participating models: the 7 kg. front load washer and dryer (WD-8754), the 7 kg. front load washer (WD-8752), the 6.5 kg. front load washer (WF-0650), and the 6.5 kg. front load washer (WF-B1061).
And according to Samsung Philippines website: "Boasting a diamond drum and double ceramic heater, Samsung's 7.5kg frontload washer and dryer WD-8754 offers a Quiet Drive Motor, a durable feature which reduces vibration and noise thanks to its belt-less, gear-less design. Its Air Refresh function, meanwhile, eliminates unpleasant odors through a four-stage process wherein air is drawn into the washer, heated, and streamed over the clothes...Samsung's Silver Wash, which ensures high-quality, hygienic washing with the combined efforts of silver ions and cold water...and Samsung's Sensor Drying System has a range of drying options to choose from-all of which promise superior fabric care.

Samsung's 7.5kg frontload washer WF-8752 shares similar features: it too comes with a diamond drum, double ceramic heater, Silver Wash, and Air Refresh....Water Safety System,.., and fabric programs.

Samsung WD-8754 Washing Machine
Customers simply have to show a proof purchase (i.e., sales invoice, official receipt) to claim the free microwave oven from the outlet where they purchased their washing machine.

Check out your nearest appliance store for more information on this Samsung promo.


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