I Wash With Passion!

Procter & Gamble recently unveiled Downy's luxury line of fabric conditioners - Passion & Attraction - in "Scents to Remember" gala lunch event at the Manila Peninsula.

Guests were asked to identify the Downy Perfume Series, Passion and Attraction, in contrast to actual perfume. Both Downy Passion and Attraction were said to contain a unique blend of perfume oils, plus special touch-activated technology, to give clothes a long-lasting perfume-like scent.
Downy's "Scents To Remember"
The first fragrance was developed by Hector Esquinca, P&G’s Perfumer and leader of the Asia Perfume Development Program, and was inspired by French perfumery, specifically, French pastries, flowers and fruits. He described it as “sweet and vibrant. We have blooming apple blossom from southern France blending with pear stripes immersed into a rich vanilla scent, ending in a touch of icy raspberry enveloped in warm cedar wood.”

Passion by Downy has a delectable, fruity fragrance with apple blossom, freesia and vanilla as its top and middle notes, and fresh mulberry and cedarwood as its bottom notes.  

On the other hand, Attraction by Downy was created by fellow P&G Senior Scientist and Perfumer Shingo Ishii. It was inspired from the gardens of Grasse, France (perfume capital of the world) and is a fresh but very alluring floral fragrance.
It’s a celebration of nature as we have this bouquet of different flower notes like jasmine, ylang-ylang, rose, iris and it trails off into soft musk and sensual wood scents for that air of mystery,” adds Shingo. 

Downy Attraction contains a blend of floral scents like Jasmine, Rose and Ylang-Ylang for its top and middle notes, which is mixed with soft musk, tube rose and wood fragrances for its bottom notes to give the scent a lingering hint of the Oriental. 

Hector Esquinca, Grace Chua (Downy Brand Manager), and Shingo Ishii
Moreover, Downy’s Perfume Series has a touch-activated Perfume Microcapsule (PMC) Technology, which allows it to give clothes a long-lasting fragrance. The perfume oils are placed in microcapsules within the Downy formula, which are deposited on the fabric during the rinse stage.

...Downy is always looking for new innovations and fresh experiences to offer our consumers. Passion and Attraction by Downy gives women who loves fragrances the chance to indulge in perfume everyday,...makes sure the fragrance lasts all day,” said Downy Brand Manager Grace Chua.

With Filipino's sensitive sense of smell, I believe their new product would make it in the class A and B market. I also recently saw thier TVC having Gretchen Barreto endorse their product with the "Amoy mayaman" tagline.
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I myself, use Downy Passion in the clothes I wash and I am satisfied. Yes, you read it right, I do wash my own clothes; or at least some of it, sometimes. :)  To be more specific, the expensive ones. I'm afraid our helper would destroy my favorite clothes in case I leave it to her hand-washing - haha!. Yes, I'm so "maarte like that". :)