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Prepare for Christmas with Samsung Home Appliances

Samsung Home Appliances held a demo of its newest line-up of home appliances with Chef Sau Del Rosario and host Sam Oh at the SM Megamall Event Center yesterday.

Led by Chef Sau Del Rosario and celebrity and TV/radio personality Sam Oh hosting the event,  they showed guests how to whip up a Christmas feast using the new Samsung Microwave Oven.

Chef Sau gave a quick lesson on how to come up with an easy Christmas menu including a cocktail using champagne, strawberry and orange, a creamy ham and penne soup using Christmas or Fiesta Ham, a chicken roulade with mango, asparagus, cherries and teriyaki glaze with mashed sweet potato on the side, and a dessert of suman, mango, sorbets and lengua de gato.

Chef Sau didn’t only reheat or defrost, he actually cooked using the Samsung Microwave Oven .

Samsung Home Appliance

Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation (SEPCO) focused four home appliances – the French Door Refrigerator (RF62NERS), Front Load Washing Machine and Dryer (WD8754), Microwave Oven (AMW83E-SB), and Concerto Vacuum Cleaner (SC86H0). Seeing each one of them, you could say that they are modern-looking, sleek and stylish. But are they functional enough to meet our needs? Lets see...

Samsung French Door Refrigerator

The stainless steel Samsung French Door Refrigerator boasts a Twin Cooling System that offers optimal humidity level, no mixing of odors, and consistent temperature of the fridge and cooling compartments - just like how mothers and housewives prefer.

It also operates with a no-Frost Technology, sparing you from the tedious chore of defrosting. The fridge has a one body shelf that makes it easy to store and draw food, compared to the traditional 33-inch models which come with two separate shelves. Although I usually consider no-frost to be more consuming in electricity, you pay for convenience.

Samsung French Door Refrigerators are also very spacious. The adjustable and easy-to-remove bins, the big box drawer at the freezer compartment, and the movable fresh box for jam, cheese and bacon. Hidden hinges, light responding modern edges, simple controls, beautiful contour surface and sophisticated blue color digital display round up the features of this durable appliance.

Samsung Microwave Oven (AMW83-SB)

The Samsung Microwave Oven is a user-friendly, one-touch digital control panel and a simple yet elegant design. The Triple Distribution System ensures equal amounts of heat from three microwave distribution points.

A Rapid Defrost function, meanwhile, brings frozen foods back to their fresh, pre-frozen state with the instant push of a button. Preparing meals can be quick, hot and delicious with this kitchen innovation, which also comes with a cookbook featuring dishes you can create with the microwave oven.

Samsung Front Load Washer and Dryer (WD8754)

With Samsung Washing Machine with a door widened up to 480 mm, you get 20% more space for easy loading and unloading. Meanwhile, a diamond-embossed drum bodes for excellent fabric care; thereby keeping your clothes looking new even after many washings. Effectively removing bacteria from your clothes’ fabric for up to a month is made possible by microscopic ions in its Silver Wash technology.

The Air Refresh system, on the other hand, removes undesirable odors that cling to clothes, like sweat and smoke. Moreover, a Quiet Drive Motor eliminates any noise associated with washers and dryers.

Samsung Concerto Vacuum Cleamer (SC86H0)

The Samsung Concerto Vacuum Cleamer is definitely a top choice for swift and effortless house-cleaning. With its Ecowave Technology that makes it both energy-efficient and eco-friendly with less CO2 emissions.

This bagless vacuum cleaner features a Twin Chamber Plus System for less clogging and overflow of dust. It also comes with an infrared remote handle control, the first and only one in the Philippines, that allows users to effortlessly control the vacuum cleaner, without needing to reach down to change the suction power or switch the vacuum on or off.
Samsung Home Appliances
The stress of prepraing for Christmas is indeed reduced with Samsung Home Appliances just as demonstrated by Chef Sau Del Rosario and host Sam Oh. The Samsung French Door Refrigerator, Front Load Washer and Dryer, Microwave Oven, and Concerto Vacuum Cleaner are now available in all major appliance stores across the Philippines.


  1. the 2-door ref of Samsung looks good.

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