Help Susy Find Geno

Do you still remember the awesome pair of Susy and Geno from your childhood years? After years of absence, Susy is back! But where is Geno?

Her erstwhile onscreen partner Geno, is nowhere to be found. So Susy, as any concerned friend would do, is taking the initiative to track down her missing friend. 

There are also some rumors that she wants to attempt a comeback in showbiz. But before anything else, looking for Geno is her priority as of now. She even put up a Facebook page, where all info, photos, and videos in relation to the search can be posted at
Help Susy Find Geno
Let’s help Susy find Geno! If and when you do see Geno in public, obtain footage or any information that may lead to finding him, please post it on Susy’s Facebook page indicated above!