Susy and Geno Back Together

A few weeks ago, we heeded Susy's call for help in finding Geno. Social mediasphere, specifically in Susy's Facebook page, did not hesitate a bit in hepling Susy in this endeavor.

And finally, yesterday, March 11, Susy and Geno were reunited at the Activity Center of Market! Market! in Taguig with the support of D'SOLID Susy and Geno Fans Club and Sustagen fans.

It was a heartfelt reunion between two long lost friends as the crowd cheered them on. One of the highlight was when Geno gace Susy a smack in front of the viewing public!

With an upbeat music following this reunion, Susy and Geno even gave a brief dance number to much enjoyment of the crowd specially the kids. Their parents and some of the adults got an immediate flashback of their childhood years. You know what we mean if you are one of them. :)

Susy and Geno Back Together
 Check out this awesome Susy and Geno Reunion YouTube video dance we got!

Congratulations Susy and Geno in being back together! May your friendship and company bring more good blessings and cheers to your supporters! :)