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A Perfect Fragrance For Her

What do you plan to give to your wife this Christmas? I guess, a lot of you are looking at gifts over in the fragrance section. However, sometimes it could be confusing what fragrance to give. SM Department Store’s Beauty Section has a wide range of gift items especially for this season. If you would like to give perfumes, check out the fragrance line-up for Christmas. 

Kylie Minogue Sweet Darling, Givenchy Play for her, Ralph Lauren 2 Women,  Armani Code Luna, Katy Perry Purr/Meow

For the Princess

She’s sweet, charming, romantic, birds follow her, and flowers spring up beneath her feet wherever she goes. Lucky you! You have yourself a fairy tale princess. And, not surprisingly, floral scents would best tug at her heart-strings. Here are a few of my suggestions.

Tous L’eau de Parfum

D&G Light Blue (25ml P3,250, 100ml P5,950) fruity top notes with strong middle notes that are floral and woodsy, ending with heavy woodsy and musky notes, that are a match for more assertive Princesses.

Versace Yellow Diamond Yellow Diamond
While airy and floral, it’s no secret why it’s named for a precious jewel. Its rich fragrance bestows upon its wearer a shimmering elegance that calls to mind the luster of the finest diamond. The top notes are a perfect melding of fresh lemon, bergamot, neroli, and pear sorbet, while its heart beats with orange blossom, freesia, mimosa, and water lily. Beneath it all lies a base of amber, precious musk and guaiac wood.

Body Luxuries Signature Body Mist – Japanese Cherry Blossom, Black Amethyst, Dark Kiss (236ml, P229) offers a range of delicate mists Lavishly spritz on your body to lightly scent the skin with scents that play from seductive, mysterious to floral scent.

For the Career-Woman

Women with active lifestyles love the sharp, tangy aura of citrus scents—that’s because they are refreshing and pleasant: perfect for relieving on-the-job stress. They are versatile, classic, and timeless scents. Here’s a tip- many of them are named after celebrities. I suggest you check out the following.

Davidoff Cool Water Sensual Essence 
On the other hand, Lady Gaga (75ml P3,600, 100ml P4,200) has been described as surprisingly safe and middle-of-the road, for a fragrance named after a controversial celebrity. However, the fragrance does impress in several ways. It combines dark notes from Belladona, a sensual accord from honey, saffron, and apricot; and balances these with the lighter notes of tiger orchid and jasmine sambaci. This creates a steady balance that, while not truly risky, appeals to personalities that prefer stability and security. Also, the fragrance is colored black in the bottle, but a high-tech process turns the liquid colorless when exposed to air after spraying.

RL Big Pony for Women 1,2,3,4 (50ml P3,100). All four variants share related characteristics, with notes that range from the fruity to the floral. These fragrances are all about confidence.  They’re suited for dynamic, courageous women who don’t shy away from risks—that said, it’s also for occasions of spontaneity and seduction.

Kylie Minogue Sweet Darling
Kylie Minogue (50ml P1,500) – the unity of Kylie’s sensual and seduction, with warmth & friendliness, has inspired the perfume creator Thierry Wasser in creation of this fragrance. The mix of floral and fruity notes, woods and gourmand vanilla is lightly touched with cotton candy. The top notes are passion fruit, and freesia, with Australian sandal wood, patchouli and vanilla in the base.

Victoria’ Secret Pure Seduction (red plum and freesia), Endless Love (apple blossom &ylang-ylang) 250 ml P599.75
These two fragrances are infused with aloe vera & chamomile for conditioning and calming effects, which result in nothing less than sensual overload. Pure Seduction features red plum and freesia notes, while Endless Love carries fuses together apple blossom and ylang-ylang.

For the Vixen

Oriental scents are perfect for the woman who rocks your world. These scents have a sensual appeal that’s ideal for women who are warm, mysterious, and sexy. And yes, even a Princess or a Strong Career-Type can turn into a fox at the right occasion—so it’s not a bad idea to have this kind of perfume ready, especially for evenings out. In general, these scents exude sexiness, sophistication, and class.
Taylor Swift Wonder Struck

Armani Code Luna (75ml P4,800) is simply comfy and pleasant. While Armani has described it as possessing magic and mystery, wearers tend to like the citrusy and creamy accords. While “lemon and vanilla” are not in the official fragrance notes list, wearers do use these to describe the scent that they like most about Armani Code Luna. There’s a hint of the sensual and oriental, as


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