Electrolux, LG and Whirlpool Recommend Surf Matic


Surf Matic

Mommies are you still doing the traditional soaking then hand-washing to your clothes? I used to do the same thing but now I let the detergent powder do the job leaving the dirty clothes soaked for about 30 minutes to 1 hour. That’s why I only use the most reliable detergent soap that doesn’t only removes stain and dirt but also gives a fresh scent.

Ms. Jessica Inocencio, Brand Manager Surf

Last week, I was invited for the launch of Surf MATIC, a formula that has the power to clean, remove stains and fragrant clothes without the inconvenience of hand-washing. It’s the latest from Surf.


Surf Matic is particularly designed for washing machine use. It is said to give consumers all the benefits one can think of when it comes to laundry.

Surf Matic Detergent Soap

According to Ms. Jessica Inocencio, brand manager of Surf Matic, the product offers superior value. “With quality over quantity, only one sachet is needed for a regular machine load—as opposed to other leading variants—allowing consumers to save more with its powerful formula,” she said.


During the event, Surf  had a brief presentation explaining how laundry detergent works with hard water. The new Surf MATIC has special active stain release agent that penetrates through the clothing fibre to provide deep cleaning. In addition, it also leaves a whiff of fresh scent on the fabric.

Highlight of the event is the partnership with 3 leading Washing Machine Brands: Electrolux, LG and Whirlpool.

08-DSC03598Electrolux Group Product Manager Andrea Pionilla said “Consumers do not only look for high-quality washing machines, but the right products to use with them as well. Customers are now thinking long term when it comes to purchases.”

Audrey Capacio, LG Product Manager, highly recommends the product. “Surf has proven to be a reliable laundry brand when it comes to keeping clothes fresh. LG washing machines need a truly reliable partner in washing clothes,” she says.

Audrey Capacio, LG Product Manager

Joy Catiis-Cruz, Whirlpool Marketing ManagerJoy Catiis-Cruz, Whirlpool Marketing Manager, also testified that Surf Matic is a tremendously effective solution to the needs of every household that operates a washing machine, because it significantly aids in lessening laundry time. She also said, “Our brand believes this detergent is an excellent partner for our laundry products.”

partnership with 3 leading Washing Machine Brands: Electrolux, LG and Whirlpool.partnership with 3 leading Washing Machine Brands: Electrolux, LG and Whirlpool.

After the event, we were lucky to receive packs of Surf Matic and I immediately tried it the other day! Let me tell you that it also works on my LG washing machine and I didn’t even use a fabric softener. With just the right amount/scoops of Surf Matic the result was clean, fresh scent clothes! 

My Surf Matic Detergent Soap

Let Surf Matic do the job and spend more time with our family, do other things at home. Available at all leading supermarkets and retail stores nationwide, it’s also available in 70grams packaging.