Because Ford Cares to all Expectant Mothers


Ford-LivingMarjorneyOn Mother’s Day, Ford Motor Company invited mothers and expectant mothers for an intimate Mother’s Day celebration at Chef’s Rodriguez place at Corinthian’s Garden. I was one of the invited guests - even if I’m not yet a mom nor a pregnant woman, thanks to Ford for an afternoon of learning and scrumptious food.


Because Ford understands the driving constraints and some discomforts that women face while pregnant especially getting behind the wheel, comfort has been one of their main agenda.


Ms. Anika of Ford gave simple driving tips for expectant mothers and explains a wheel wearing product called "Pregnancy Suit". It’s a suit which features belly weight inserts, a six-pound pouch that applies pressure to the bladder, and compartments for water and ball bearings that mimic mild fetal kicking was shown to us.


Anika mentioned important tips to improve safety and comfort while driving.

Make sure that your seatbelt is positioned below your abdomen, across your hips. The shoulder strap should be between your breasts, and make sure to tug on the belt to make sure it’s nice and snug.

AllNewFordFocus-17You can your seat back to a comfortable distance when you're driving. Aside from comfort, doing this will protect your stomach in the event of an airbag deployment.

I heard pregnant women complain of back pain. A small circular back pillow to support your lower back or use a rolled up towel will minimize discomfort.

Taking a break when driving to minimize swelling of the feet and improves blood circulation.

If possible, be the Passenger. The backseat is the safest spot in the car for an expectant mother. If you sit in the front seat, make sure to push the seat back as far as you can to protect from airbag deployment.

AllNewFordFocus-Titanium  InteriorAlways bring along your pregnancy record card, which includes a detailed list of medical information, test results, and emergency contacts.

Even  when we're not pregnant, car safety is always important. It won't hurt if we follow these simple safety tips when driving to ensure safety for you and your future child.

We even enjoyed live cooking demonstration by Chef Jacq Yap and learned how to make maki. 


Yay, I need more practice in the kitchen! Maki, anyone?


Last but not the least, Ford  gave us a glimpse of the all-new Ford Focus featuring the Emergency Brake Assist and many other amazing features.

Focus offers superior fuel economy, distinctive design and strong driving dynamics. It also has an extensive range of class exclusive technologies and innovative features.


High-strength steels comprise 55 percent of the Focus body shell
• First-row airbags
• Side-impact airbags
• Side-curtain airbags
• Electronic Stability Program
• Anti-Lock Brake System
• Hill Launch Assist
• Emergency Brake Assist

Just before I left the venue, I had my souvenir photo wearing the “Pregnancy Suit”.


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