Krispy Kreme Supports Read Along Program

I searched for blogs owned and written by a deaf girl or boy and found some that talks about their medical condition,  their daily routines and their aspirations. 

As an individual who used to be in the medical field seldom I encountered deaf patients. After realization, I remember nothing about sign language except the simple gestures such as pain, hunger, love. Now, I wonder what happens when a deaf and a hearing person like me don't understand each other. 

If you read my blogs you would notice some of my posts are related for a good cause. Perhaps, my blogs was able to help advocacy and other related campaigns in providing information to my readers. 

Children and the environment are usually my favorite topics. I wrote about a campaign for kids with cleft lip and palate. 

It is heartwarming to know that brands don't only exist for business and generate income.  

Few weeks ago, I was at Krispy Kreme along Ayala Avenue in Makati for its cause-oriented projects such as the Read Along Program by Development and Accessibility Fund for the Deaf (DeAF Deaf) and Support and Empower Abused Deaf Children, Inc. (SEADC).

The Read Along Program is one of Deaf's immersion programs, done in partnership with Krispy Kreme’s Share the Gift of Joy campaign. It aims not only spread joy, but induce change. 

Put together to immerse people in the culture and language of the Deaf community, the Read Along Program will be a two-way educating session

  • Deaf children will be taught how to read and improve their vocabularies
  • while their hearing parents and peers will be shown their learning process and will be given tips on how to properly teach them.

They program started with the deaf kids and hearing participants reading books together "Ogost and CJ and The Flower Who Did Not Know God Was Protecting Her" written by DLS-CSB Filipino Sign Language student Happy Ruth Pamintuan. 

After reading, they were asked to act out and had a role-playing activity. I was amazed as I watched them. The simple pleasures of reading a book, playing and enjoying the company of every child joining the afternoon activity. It was also a great opportunity that I learned sign language.  

Krispy Kreme Shares the Gift of Joy Through Read Along Program 

Krispy Kreme wants to break the barrier and create a positive relationship with proper communication between the deaf and the hearing. The store are deaf friendly and their staff well-trained to assist and take the orders of our deaf brothers and sisters. 

With every purchase of Kripy Kreme Tin Container, P20 donation will be given to DeAF Deaf. The sweet baked products of Krispy Kreme will bring a smile a deaf child. We can also help by volunteering in making their reading materials. 

Cheers to Krispy Kreme for supporting a series of cause-oriented projects such as the Read Along Program by Development and Accessibility Fund for the Deaf (DeAF Deaf) and Support and Empower Abused Deaf Children, Inc. (SEADC).

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