Beautiful and Healthy Beginnings

We always look forward to coming home in a beautiful, organize and clean environment. As a homemaker, it has been my passion to promote a peaceful, relaxing and clean home and I'm so thankful for cleaning products that helps me in my daily chores.  

Last month, I witness the partnership of a leading real estate in the country, Avida Land and a familiar brand, Unilever. Avida and Unilever’s globally trusted home cleaners DOMEX and CIF partners to promote healthy living and proper hygiene with the campaign "Starting Beautiful and Healthy Beginnings" by raising awareness on the use of household cleaning products and encourage developing a habit of keeping homes clean within Avida communities.

The brands aim to disseminate proper cleaning and sanitation. In partnership with the communities’ respective homeowners associations/Condo Corp. and Avida Customer Care Unit headed by Nancy Delegencia, Unilever will conduct a series of educational talks that will initially benefit more than 6,000 Avida homeowners in Bonifacio Global City, Quezon City, Muntinlupa, ParaƱaque, Cavite, NUVALI. 

The campaign is aligned with Unilever's movement to 1Million Clean Toilets, Saving Lives, One Toilet at a Time.  

Everyone deserve a decent, fresh and clean refuge at the end of a tiring day. I can't remember when was the first time I tried CIF that I started to like to product. It has been one of my favorite cleaning brand until today. Domex is a brand I have to try for myself, I like the fresh smell it leaves on my bathroom though. 

It doesn't matter if you have a big or small space at home as long as you keep it organize, clean, sanitized, well lighted and well ventilated. That way, you protect your family from diseases caused by germs. Let's make it a habit to properly clean our toilets, our home (inside and out). How about you, what cleaning products do you use at home? Would love to hear your stories of Beautiful and Healthy Beginnings or perhaps join us in 1 Million Clean Toilets Movement, Let's save lives, one toilet at a time!

Photos above are Avida Land Model Units located at Glorietta 4. You may visit Unilever website at


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