BOOMco Blaster Challenge: Nail It of Fail It!

Hello mommies! Few weeks ago, we were invited to witness BoomCo Blaster Challenge presented by Richprime Global together with SM North EDSA and Toy Kingdom.

Mattel's latest brand, BOOMco revealed new line of toy blasters on the recently 2-day event BoomCo Blaster Challenge. Displayed and for sale during the BOOMco Toy Blaster includes the Dual Defenders, Clip Fire, Eye Gear, Farshot, Twisted Spinner, Whipblast, assorted darts, 2-in-1 bandolier, Stealth Ambush, Rapid Madness, clip and darts. 

The action-packed event consisted of unique challenges and exclusive gifts and prizes. Kids participated in the BOOMco Blast Free Challenge. They nailed 100 points with only 3 darts then level up with Extra Blaster Challenge. The most exciting part is the grand BOOMco Blaster Battle. 

BOOMco gives kids the ultimate blaster experience that challenges them to get outside and play. Blasters enable kids to engage in physical activities and play with fellow kids. 

Even hubby was a little excited to try the blasters. 

yours truly tried the amazing Rapid Madness, the Ultimate rapid-fire blasting. 

Rapid Madness is not yet available in the market but I was told it's expected to arrive in the country by September or last quarter of this year. It has a removable, transforming blaster shields. Air-powered rapid fire mechanism fires 20 darts in seconds; a push button transforming removable shield and 30 Smart Stick Darts and 20 count dart clip. 

The Twisted Spinner has a Rotating Barrel that holds 8 darts. Double-grip design with slam-fire action kids would love. It has a 310 degree rotating barrel. 

BOOMco toy blasters and its Smart Stick Foam Darts are safe and perfect for kids to play but as parents and guardians it's still our responsibility to look for our kids. The Smart Stick System has adhesive technology that enables darts to only bond to Smart Stick surfaces and nothing else. 

Smart Stick Foam Darts

BOOMco Targets are simple and easy to mount and features loud graphics so they can easily see if they nailed their shot. The amazing Shielded Defense deflects and collect opponents' darts.

These are ultimate toys for boys! 

Some safety reminders: 

  • Tell our kids not to aim blaster at eyes or face. 
  • Use only darts supplied or included in the package. 
  • Give them appropriate eye wear, they are sold separately.
  • Clean darts, blasters and other accessories each use. 

BOOMco Blaster Challenge: Nail It of Fail It!

The challenge was open to all, they just need to register. 

They were divided into two groups then the BoomCo Blaster Challenge started. The goal is to protect the target from the opponents. 

It was a wonderful afternoon, the kids brought home a BOOMco blaster toys. I also had a souvenir photo with this handsome kid, Honesto