Goldilocks' Beef Mami

What's the best hot soup during rainy season? One of my favorite is beef mami. Although we can easily make one from a pack noodles by just adding hot water. I'm glad Goldilocks Foodshop has come up with their version of Beef Mami

Goldilocks Beef Mami
Goldilocks Beef Mami

Goldilocks’ Beef Mami is a simple yet delectable dish that can best be described as soup for the Pinoy soul. For only 75 pesos, its timeless combination of tasty egg noodles, vegetables, and meat in a scrumptious beef broth will surely turn even the gloomiest, most overcast day around.

As an added bonus, every Monday this month is special with Bueno Mano Mondays: enjoy the delicious Beef Mami with two additional pieces of classic Puto, all for 75 pesos.

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