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Nestle Wellness Expo 2015: Breakfast Edition

Nestle Wellness Expo 2015
Nestle Wellness Expo 2015
Nestle Wellness Expo is back and this year, it focuses on healthy breakfast meals and why it is the most important meal of the day. Nestlé Wellness Expo started today and will last until July 5, 2015 at SM Megatrade Halls 1-3 in SM Megamall.

The annual Wellness Expo, now on its seventh year, is a colorful, dynamic celebration of wellness that expects to draw more than 30,000 visitors this year, and is a major component of Nestlé’s long-term advocacy to promote Nutrition, Health and Wellness (NHW) among Filipino families.
Nestle Wellness Expo
(Center) Mr. Suresh Narayanan (Chairman and CEO Nestlé Philippines, Inc.);(Left) Paolo Mercado (SVP & Director of Communications and Marketing Services - Nestle Philippines Inc; (Right) Leslie Go Alcantara (Head of Corporate Wellness - Nestle Philippines Inc)
Wellness Breakfast
The Wellness Breakfast
The focus on eating a healthy breakfast, also the theme of Nestlé Philippines’ NHW advocacy this year, is driven by the important role the first meal of the day has in terms of nutrition, according to SVP and Director of Communication and Marketing Services Paolo Mercado.
Our mission is to nurture generations of Filipino families and to contribute to the development of a strong and prosperous nation, as we have done these last 104 years. We are and will continue to be the Kasambuhay ng Pamilya at ng Sambayanang Pilipino (partner in life of families and the nation),” said Nestlé Philippines Chairman and CEO Suresh Narayanan.
Nestle Wellness Expo 2015
Nescafe Booth at the Nestle Wellness Expo 2015
From February to March this year, Nestlé deployed over 600 nutritionists to provide personalized nutrition counseling to more than 950,000 consumers in supermarkets and groceries nationwide. In the counseling sessions, Nestlé nutritionists explained to consumers the importance of a Wellness breakfast habit, built around the ‘My Wellness Plate’, a practical guide on how to eat right based on the ‘Pinggang Pinoy’ of the Food and Nutrition Research Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (FNRI-DOST).
Nestlé’s ‘My Wellness Plate’ teaches that half your plate should be ‘glow’ foods (fruits and vegetables) and the other half should be a combination of ‘go’ foods (carbohydrates) and ‘grow’ foods (proteins), accompanied by a healthy beverage. We recommend that the principle of ‘My Wellness Plate’ be followed in every meal, starting with breakfast, for one to be able to meet his or her nutritional needs,” Mr. Mercado said.
Nestle Chuckie
Nestle Chuckie Activate Fun Booth
21 Mornings Program

To highlight the importance of breakfast to jumpstart your day, Nestlé is launching the 21 Mornings Program, a 21-day meal plan designed by Nestlé Philippines together with a panel of chefs and nutritionists to help you get started on a wellness breakfast habit.

The 21 Mornings Program is a 21-day breakfast sampling activity via the Wellness Breakfast Truck, which will visit selected venues to promote awareness about various breakfast options available through 21 Mornings. Brand ambassadors will invite consumers to visit the Wellness Breakfast Truck to learn about and sign up for the 21 Mornings Program, with the first 500 consumers per day getting a free breakfast and a Nestlé beverage. The Wellness Breakfast Truck will also offer free nutritional consultation.
Danni Barretto
Celebrity Ambassador Danni Barretto 
Nicole Hernandez
Celebrity Ambassador Nicole Hernandez
James Younghusband
Celebrity Ambassador James Younghusband
It’s a ‘21 Mornings Program’ because it takes about 21 days to build a habit. However you choose to have your breakfast, whether it’s one you can easily prepare, or one you can eat on the go, or a full and hearty breakfast, we have a Wellness Breakfast Program for you,” Nestlé Corporate Wellness Head Leslie Go- Alcantara said.

Consumers signing up for 21 Mornings Program are given a 21-day Breakfast Plan, Recipes with Nutrient Count, Wellness Tips and a Grocery Checklist to help them complete the program.
21 Mornings Program Ambassadors
Nestle Philippines Team with 21 Mornings Program Ambassadors
To sign up and know more about the Nestlé 21 Mornings Program, visit the Nestlé Choose Wellness website at

You have until tomorrow to join and discover healthy breakfasts at the Nestle Wellness Expo 2015 in SM Megamall!


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