Goldilocks Christmas Cake Is Back

It has been our family tradition to have a cake on Christmas eve. In the Philippines, we are spoiled with a lot of cake variants from traditional chocolate and mocha to delightfully Double chocolate. Goldilocks Christmas cakes are here once again.

Surprise the family with the Goldilocks Santa Cake, made with layers of rich chocolate cake filled with cherry cream, and iced with whipped cream. The chocolate shavings on the sides make a perfect complement to the delightful Santa face, which tops this delicious masterpiece.
Throughout the twelve days of Christmas, your true love will definitely appreciate the Choco Hazelnut roll, with Choco fudge frosting and Christmas decors. On the other hand, an ideal option for ninangs and ninongs for their inaanaks are the irresistible Goldilocks Christmas chocolate lollipops, or any one of the classic Goldilocks Christmas Greeting Cakes. Always keep in mind the reason for this season and partake in this season of giving! 

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