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Snoopy And The Gang In Every McDonald's Happy Meal

Snoopy and Charlie Brown are just some of my favorite comic strip characters so I'm definitely sharing to you McDonald's newest Happy Meals. This holiday season, shares good old memories with today’s little ones with the new Snoopy and Charlie Brown Happy Meal toys. Get first dibs on all 10 designs before everyone else!

Snoopy And The Gang In Every McDonald's Happy Meal
Snoopy And The Gang In Every McDonald's Happy Meal

Peanuts fans, kids and adults alike, can pre-order the complete set of Snoopy and Charlie Brown Happy Meal toys in all McDonald's stores nationwide starting December 11. To pre-order, just follow these five simple steps:

Step 1 - Visit any McDonald’s store from December 11-15.
Step 2 - Pre-order the complete Snoopy and Charlie Brown Happy Meal set in the front counter of any McDonald’s store nationwide. 
Step 3 - For only Php949, the pre-ordered Snoopy and Charlie Brown Happy Meal set includes a toy claim stub for all 10 designs of the Happy Meal toys and 10 Happy Meal food stubs composed of: 

Four (4) Chicken McDo Happy Meal Food Stubs 
Three (3) Burger McDo Happy Meal Food Stubs
Three (3) McSpaghetti Happy Meal Food Stubs

Step 4 - Happy Meal food stubs may be used upon purchase up until February 14, 2016. 
Step 5 - The complete Snoopy and Charlie Brown Happy Meal set may be redeemed at any McDonald’s store starting December 17 until February 14, 2016 

Enjoy the complete Happy Meal toy set by pre-ordering starting December 11 or collecting individually starting December 18.

For more information about the Snoopy and Charlie Brown Happy Meal toys, visit and like the official Facebook fan page at, or follow @McDo_PH on Twitter and Instagram. You may also share your happy thoughts with the hashtag #SnoopyHappyMeal


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