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Goldilocks ICDC All Set Today!

It's holiday today and if you're looking for something to visit you might probably want to drop by SM North EDSA for the 10th Goldilocks Cake Decorating Challenge.

Judy Ann Santos at Goldilocks ICDC 2015
Judy Ann Santos at Goldilocks ICDC 2015
This year, Goldilocks is celebrating its 50th anniversary. The leading bakeshop in the country continues to cater us with delicious cakes and pastries for all occasion. Aside from that, Goldilocks gave birth to Intercollegiate Cake Decorating Challenge (lCDC) which is now on its 10th year. This activity recognizes the baking and cake decorating skills of non-professional bakers from different colleges and universities in the Philippines. ICDC has grown to become a nationwide activity much awaited not only by students but also by cake enthusiast and foodie.  

Here's a throwback of last year’s Goldilocks Cake Deco Challenge 2015.

ICDC is beyond the usual submit-display-and-judge cake decorating contests. It is extemporaneous in nature and requires not only familiarity with techniques, but a definite originality and creativity to set the winning team apart.

Goldilocks ICDC 2015
Goldilocks ICDC 2015

Recently, almost one hundred schools submitted entries in hopes of being chosen as one of the ten finalists. On contest day, ten teams will share one stage and one central supply bin. They will decorate their cakes within a given time frame, based on themes that are revealed to them at that very moment. This is all done in front of a live audience and a panel of judges composed of the leading authorities in the culinary arts industry.

This year, ICDC prizes includes a baking showcase worth a quarter of a million pesos, while the team itself will receive P20,000 in Goldilocks gift certificates.

ICDC 2016 Top 10 Finalists

  1. Calayan Educational Foundation
  2. Colegio de San Lorenzo
  3. DMCl College Foundation Dipolog
  4. Far Eastern University
  5. Lyceum of the Philippines Laguna
  6. Lyceum Subic Bay, Pangasinan State University
  7. Saint Anne College of Lucena
  8. Trinity University of Asia
  9. Western Institute of Technology lloilo

10 Top Pastry Chefs Judges

The country's leading top pastry chefs were selected to provide high~level, hands-on mentorship to the participating students:
  1. Chef Jackie Ang Po (Calayan Educational Foundation)
  2. Jemea Antolln (Saint Anne College of Lucena)
  3. Joan Dele Cruz (Pangasinan State University)
  4. Bryan Dimayuga (Lyceum of the Philippines Laguna)
  5. Tristan Encarnacion (Trinity University of Asia)
  6. Jackie Laudico (Western Institute of Technology Iloilo)
  7. Rizalino Manas (DMCI College Foundation Dipolog)
  8. Amador Mendoza (Lyceum Subic Bay)
  9. Pixie Sevilla (Far Eastern University)
  10. Buddy Trinidad (Colegio de San Lorenzo)

A couple of weeks ago, your truly participated in a blogger cake decorating challenge held at Goldilocks headquarters in Shaw boulevard. Although, it's not my first time to join this mini-competition, I'm glad I did. About two years ago, I also joined Goldilocks Cake Decorating Contest Christmas edition. It was a great experience to decorate a cake. Initially, I was having a hard time figuring out how to create flower-design using the icing. Thank you Goldilocks for always having me. 

Goldilocks ICDC 2016

Woman In Digital Decorates A Goldilocks Cake
Woman In Digital Decorates A Goldilocks Cake

Do visit SM North EDSA, The Block Activity Center, 2pm and witness the much-awaited Goldilocks Intercollegiate Cake Decorating Challenge. Who do you think will win this year's ICDC. Good luck to all the candidates. 


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