Iya Villania Joins San Miguel Pure Foods Home Foodie

Do you love to cook? Perhaps wanted to learn new and easy-to-prepare recipes especially now that the kids are back to school. Home Foodie Season 2 at GMA Network started just in time for the another school year. The cooking show will feature great tasting (yes, because we tried some of the featured dishes), "kayang-kayang sarap", yummy dishes for the whole family.

Home Foodie Chefs

Home Foodie is a GMA Network kitchen show featuring food discoveries using San Miguel Pure Foods products. It aims to teach us “kayang-kayang sarap sa lutuin”. Unlike other cooking show, Home Foodie is  3-minutes cooking demo complete with cooking tips made for busy individuals. So even if you're too busy or catching up to finish household chores before going to work, you can immediately get ideas for your household’s meal plan for the day.

At San Miguel Pure Foods Culinary Center, we got to try the dishes Chef Llena and her team prepared during an intimate event lunch hosted by San Miguel Pure Foods. What excites me more, this season Drew Arellano will be joining by celebrity wife, Iya Villania.

Drew and Iya for Home Foodie

Easy Chicken Pot Roast
Easy Chicken Pot Roast
Mommy-Manila-Peppered Pork Chops w/Gravy
Peppered Pork Chops w/Gravy
Mommy-Manila-Sesame Ginger Beef-Recipe
Sesame Ginger Beef

Mommy-Manila-Pali Kambing with Caramel Sauce
Pali Kambing with Caramel Sauce
Home Foodie Chefs and hosts Iya and Drew

The chicken pot roast was my favorite dish. The Pali Kambing looks simple but it was good, very filling and nutritious because it's made with banana. The recipes are ideal pambaon at work or school. Starting June 13, witness the couple Iya and Drew's cooking adventure at Home Foodie episodes. Wives can relate to Iya's struggles in the kitchen and learn nutritious and easy-recipes from Chef Llena Tan-Arcenas, Rene Ruz and RJ Garcia. San Miguel Pure Foods Home Foodie airs daily, starting Monday, June 13 after Unang Hirit.