Omega Houseware Trusted Over the Years

A trip to the home section of the department store has always been relaxing. I love checking what's new and revisiting an old, familiar brands. Omega house ware is one of them. I can still remember our first 'termos' many years ago. Undeniably, with Omega the water temperature remains hot for several hours compared to many new brands that are now in the market.

Omega Carafe

All the while, I thought Omega is just about vacuum flask until I discovered other houseware items one shopping day at Trinoma. It's a carafe which we often see in chic restaurants.

Did you know that Omega has been in the market for a long time? Recently, the brand celebrated another milestone with the launch of its new logo. The occasion was celebrated at Novotel Manila.

Mr. Morris Ong, President of MPTII
“We are delighted to say that through the years OMEGA still develops and provides the Filipino market with practical products that does not compromise quality. As part of our commitment to adapt to changes and future innovations, we created a new logo with modern innovation in order to fit into the lifestyle of the modern Filipino family. OMEGA is always committed to provide modern everyday solutions to the ever changing phase of life. We are with you at every step of the way.” - Mr. Morris Ong, President of MPTII in his speech during the event said.

coffee and Lotus Biscoff (recipe click here)

I have a couple of Omega house ware items and I'm happy to receive a new set of colorful cup and saucer. These will be in our dining table this coming Christmas. It will surely add life to the colorful festivity. Check out Omega houseware, they have new items for sure but still the same high-quality products we've known.