GOOD HOUSEKEEPERS to the rescue!


I moved to a condominium in Makati sometime in April upon the request of my fiancé. I used to live in a spacious house in Sta Maria, Bulacan with two bedrooms, a dining area, a kitchen and a veranda.  

For a person who loves to buy furniture and home appliances definitely needs more space.  When I moved here in Makati, I also brought all my personal things including my big closet and my heavy wooden bed.  Now, can you just imagine the dilemma?

The first five months was a challenge,, clutter started to build up each day in every corner of my room! Cleaning my new home was so hard. I can't move freely and comfortably. Although I wanted to bring other things back home, it's not that easy and besides I also need them everyday.

Back home the air is fresh, less dust unlike here it builds up when you seldom clean the house. Days passed by and I noticed I’m becoming irritated and frequently complaining.


Fiancé surprised me by sending two ladies from the Good Housekeeping Services to clean the house from bedroom to bathroom. Initially I was hesitant, afraid to let strangers get inside the house.


They arrived equipped with cleaning paraphernalia. The two were friendly and courteous, immediately they started the job - cleaning my room, wiping the window panes, the bed frame and those areas which are hard to reach. Although, my things were not that organized, I see to it that the bathroom is always clean and smells good so it wasn't a tough job for them.

Here’s the result after two hours.


I’m so happy and so thankful they came! It was also an inspiration for me to maintain what they already organize. I was relieved when I saw the result.

Thank you my dear Jonel for sending the GOOD HOUSEKEEPERS! I highly recommend them for a job well done! Remember, our home is our sanctuary so we should maintain its cleanliness specially if you have kids at home.

GOOD HOUSEKEEPERS to the rescue! GOOD HOUSEKEEPERS to the rescue!

Jonel doing the final inspection, an SOP before the GOOD Housekeepers left the building.

How about you, have you had experienced with housekeeping services? To know more about the Good Housekeepers, you may call them at 02-546-98-77 or 546-96-77


  1. hmmm parang need ko ng tumawag sa kanila. with our busy schedule, bihira ng mkapaglinis ng bahay..

    How much rate nila?


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