Green Cross School Crashers: Dengue Self-defense


Green-Cross-Insect-RepellantFew months ago my cousin had high fever and body malaise so brought her to the nearest hospital for medical intervention. Series of lab works done and found it was Dengue Fever. Our family worried a lot when she started with her lost of appetite. Of course, they immediately administered IV fluids and started the medication.

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We were thinking where she got the it - at school or at home. We may not be meticulous in cleaning the house but we see to it no stagnant water around the house.  None of us in the past had dengue fever. After almost two weeks, she recovered. We’re thankful it didn’t reach the hemorrhagic stage of dengue.

Green Cross School Crashers: Dengue Self-defense

Department of Health  said children ages 10 years and below are at greater risk of dengue infection. Having said that, parents should also level up their protection against this serious, deadly disease.

Green Cross School Crashers: Dengue Self-defense

Green Cross introduced two products that will protect us against mosquito bites. Part of the campaign includes health education and prevention on dengue infection. The GreenCross School Crashers team goes to various schools to teach elementary kids about the two “school crashers” that they need to watch out: Daytime Dengue Mosquito and Nighttime Dengue Mosquito.


Recently, they visited Paco Catholic School and presented the concepts about dengue that kids can easily understand – songs, dances, story-telling sessions and interactions with the Green Cross Ambassador, Ms. Green and two mascots, Daytime Dengue Mosquito and Nighttime Dengue Mosquito.


Ms. Green taught the school kids the special day and night dengue lamok defense stance including the application of repellent lotion to prevent mosquitoes from landing on and biting the kid’s skin.


The campaign has reached different schools in Metro Manila including St. Scholastica’s College Manila , St. Pedro Poveda, Manila Cathedral School, Notre Dame of Greater Manila, St. Mary’s Academy of Caloocan, Diliman Preparatory School among others.


You may also check the Green Cross Crashers at or call their hotlne 0917-976-5980