1st Waste Plastic Recycling Factory in the Metro

When I started blogging, one of my favorite topic is about advocacy, corporate social response. Perhaps, knowing that someone is willing to help gives us hope

The recent blog post I shared in one of my website is about "Girl Talk,Your Voice Your Move", a campaign from Modess Philippines wherein young girls had the opportunity to speak out for the recent May election. Modess Philippines compiled these shout outs and put it into a special edition publication called Girl Talk then sent it to our senators. I hope our senators got their copy of this book. 

Not so long, I met some of our public officials, including some of our senators. Certainly, a short interview would not be enough to get to know them but it also leave us an impression of what kind of person they are - are they accommodating, sincere and do they speak well. 

Mrs. HanepbuhaySenator Cynthia Villar, is one of the senators I met few years before the election through the Villar Foundation. She started a lot of livelihood projects such as making hollow blocks out of plastic materials. Crafting baskets from water hyacinths, twining and weaving nets from coconut husks, weaving blankets for calamity use and the strict implementation of solid waste management. Read my previous blog post, here

Recently, the Villar Foundation and Senator Cynthia Villar, its Managing Director launched the 1st Waste Plastic Recycling Factory in the metro. This project will prevent garbage piling while providing livelihood to the poor. The plastic wastes recycling factory is located in Ilaya, Las Pinas City, a pilot project of the Villar Foundation. Senator Cynthia together with Las Pinas Rep. Mark Villar and Sen. Manny Villar, recently inaugurated the first Waste Plastic Recycling Factory in Metro Manila, which turns plastic wastes into durable school chairs that could last up to 20 years.

“We have a lot of plastic wastes here in Metro Manila. When disposed improperly, these result in clogging of our drainage and eventually cause flooding, spread of diseases, and many others. So we thought of processing these plastic wastes and come up into something useful. That is when I read about this technology in Davao, which processes plastic wastes into school chairs,” relayed Mrs. Villar.

“I have been using biodegradable wastes as resource in my other livelihood projects. I was so happy when I saw this technology, because now, we can also process non-biodegradable wastes, and we have tons of them here in Metro Manila,” relayed Mrs. Villar.

The livelihood project will not only be beneficial to the poor, the workers of the factory but to the environment as well. The Villar Foundation with the help of local community will collect the waste materials and turn into useful item such as school armchairs. Congratulations to the Villar Foundation and Senator Cynthia for another job well done! 

P.S.     The foundation also warns the public not to believe on text  messages circulating around that use their name. They have no existing raffle promotions. Please do not be victimize by fraudulent text messages.

How about you, what do you think of this project? 

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  1. can we have the process of making this project(plastic densifier)?...please! or can you help us to construct this one for our research. thanks

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