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Forti-D: Your Daily Dose of Vitamin D

Are you Vitamin D deficient? Just few weeks ago, I attended an event that talks about Vitamin D deficiency, then I realized it's not something we usually monitor. We go to the clinic for the regular physical examination which includes CBC, Blood Chemistry, Cholesterol check up, X-ray but have you ever had a check-up of your Vitamin D level?

Forti-D Vitamin D
Checking Vitamin D Level

Silent epidemic spreads: 3 out of 5 Filipinos suffer from Vit-D deficiency. Are you one of them? An expert in the field of occupational medicine has revealed that an increasing number of office workers in Metro Manila are becoming vitamin D-deficient because of their lifestyle habits.

Forti-D Vitamin D
Vitamin D is produced naturally through adequate sun exposure

Cases of vitamin D deficiency in the country are increasing due to lifestyle that most of us have. Vitamin D is produced naturally through adequate sun exposure and given that most office workers are not exposed to as much sunlight as they need to be, they face a much pronounced risk of suffering from the condition. Because of extreme heat, we opted to stay indoors for most parts of the day, wear long-sleeved clothing and slacks or pants, we apply too much sunscreen, and don't have enough of vitamin D-rich foods on our diet.

Forti-D: Your Daily Dose of Vitamin D

To address this growing health problem, Unilab produced Forti-D, the latest vitamin D supplement in the market. It's a single-dose supplement that contains 800 IU of vitamin D3. Also known as colecalciferol, vitamin D3 impacts one’s bone structure, blood pressure, hormone production and potential for diseases and cancers.
“Taking one capsule of Forti-D every day helps reduce the risk of getting chronic diseases by unlocking the proper function of organs typically affected by such illnesses,” said Alex Panlilio, Unilab VP for consumer health.
Forti-D: Your Daily Dose of Vitamin D
Forti-D: Your Daily Dose of Vitamin D

During the event, we were invited to have the level of Vitamin D done by Hi-Precision laboratory. Let me tell you that it's expensive to have your Vitamin D checked in the laboratory, I was told it cost P3,000. They will do a simple blood extraction. A bit scared of noodle prick, I went to check the Vitamin D. I'm still waiting for the result though, which usually takes a couple of days. While waiting, I started taking Forti-D, 1 tablet once a day. This Vitamin supplement are recommended for adults. If you're undergoing medical treatment, pregnant or have other medical concern, better consult your physician first before taking any medication.

The first of its kind vitamin supplement is available for purchase per piece, Forti-D is sold at P6.50 (SRP) in leading drugstores nationwide.


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