Keep Going With Pharmaton

Do you easily get tired and fatigue? Perhaps you need a supplements or vitamins to release the energy from the food you eat. Chef Rob Pengson shared to us his secret to staying on-the-go despite the busy schedule. Chef Rob is an award-winning chef, a mentor, a business owner, a TV host, a creative, a risk-taker, a rebel in the food scene, and now a brand ambassador. But there are two most important role he plays, being a father and husband.

Pharmaton vitamins and minerals with ginseng G115® and deanol

Chef Rob's secret is the combine vitamins and minerals with ginseng G115® and deanol in every capsule of Pharmaton. This food supplement helps improve mental and physical performance. Pharmaton helps combat stress and fatigue, and raise body’s immune system for better protection from viral and bacterial infection, while managing inner physical and mental energy.

‘My family is everything to me. I strive to be the multifaceted individual that I want to become because I want to give the best to them,’ shares Chef Rob when he is asked about the cause of his revolutionary approach in and out of the kitchen. He further explains, ‘Of course, my family is the top force that drives me to keep going in life. But I also need a partner that can keep up with my busy and active lifestyle. A partner that can provide me with mental and physical energy to literally keep me going! Good thing I have discovered Pharmaton!’

Chef Rob showed us easy to prepare healthy snacks during the event. A delicious dessert topped with fruits and chicken sandwich. It is important to eat healthy, drink lots of water and take food supplement. Like Chef Rob, my husband Jonel is also taking Pharmaton everyday. How about you, what food supplement are you taking to keep you going?